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Professor Stephenson


On a Human Scale - A Life in City Design,
Fremantle Arts Press, 1992.
Book review from MIT - Plan44
School of Architecture, University of Liverpool, (Elmes Scholar), 1925-1930.
Institut d'Urbanisme, University of Paris, (Chadwick Fellow), 1930-1932.
Department of City and Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Commonwealth Fellow and M.I.T. medallist), 1936-1938.
Mount Henry Bridge
B.Arch (lst Class Hons. Liverpool), 1930.
MCP (M.I.T.), 1938
Hon.LLD, Western Australia, 1977.
Hon.DArch, Melbourne, 1984.
Hon.DSc, Flinders, 1986.
Hon.DUniv, Murdoch, 1988.

CBE, 1967, Sidney Luker Memorial Medal, 1966.
RIBA Distinction in Planning, 1955.
Perth City Council's Australia Day 'Citizen of the Year', 1997
Meeting at 'Mia-Mia'
Hon.MCIP (Canada)

Visit to Swan Valley Nyungah Community. 1996
From left: Phillip Gibbs, Gordon Stephenson and Robert Bropho.

Architectural assistant with Wallace K. Harrison, Corbett, Harrison and MacMurray, New York City, 1929, and with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, Paris, 1930-32.
In private practice Liverpool 1932-1936 (winning competitions for housing and a factory). London 1939-1940 (militia camp and school camp).
Divisional Architect with Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners (responsible for the execution of buildings in the High Explosives group of an Ordnance Factory) and under William Holford, chief designer and site planner of accommodation for 24,000 war workers, 1940-1942.
Senior Research Officer with Lord Reith's 'Reconstruction Group, and later Chief Planning Officer (Planning Technique), Ministry of Town and Country Planning, London, 1942-1947, (seconded to help Sir Patrick Abercrombie prepare Greater London Plan 1943-1944).
In Ministry, chief professional adviser on reconstruction of bombed city centres and the design of the first six Greater London New Towns (1946-47). Planned the prototype New Town, Stevenage, (1946).

Ongar - City Plan Senior Partner, Stephenson, Young and Partners, Liverpool 1948-1953 (university buildings, industrial and office buildings, several housing schemes).
Chairman of professional planning group for new National University campus Dublin, 1952-1953.
Consultant to the Government of Western Australia, preparing a plan with J.A. Hepburn, for the metropolitan Region of Perth and Fremantle, and also prepared plans for the University of Western Australia and the endowment lands or the City of Perth 1953-1955.
Planning consultant in Canada to the cities of Toronto, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kingston, Sudbury and Ottawa, Ontario, and Planning Consultant to the Universities of Toronto and British Columbia, 1955-1960.
Consultant Architect and Architect in Association for several major buildings, University of Western Austraiia, 1960-1969.
Planning Consultant to the National Capital Development Commission Canberra 1960-1966.
Consultant Planner, Flinders University, South Australia, 1963-1964 and 1970.

For short periods between 1961 and 1969, Planning Consultant to the cities of Christchurch and Wellington, N.Z., and James Cook University, member of design committee, new Commonwealth Reserve Bank, Perth, and Consultant for the Cathedral Square project, Perth.
Member, National Capital Planning Committee, Canberra, 1967-1973.

In 1969, with Cameron, Chisholm and Nicol, prepared the design of an 'experimental' residential neighbourhood in Canberra.
At various times between 1962 and 1970, Consultant to the Commonwealth/State Law Courts Joint Planning Committee for the $30 million Law Courts Building and its environs in Sydney.
In 1970, member of an ad hoc sub-committee on Future Needs in Preventive Medicine of the National Health and Medical Research Council.

At the beginning of 1971 engaged for six months in a special study for the National Capital Development Commission.
Included in an interdisciplinary working party were Dr Boyden- hurnan biologist, and Dr Jones, sociologist, professorial fellows of the A.N.U., and Dr Hennessy, Director of Psychiatric Services of the A.C.T. The objective was to encompass in a planning study contributions from other disciplines, especially those in sociology, social psychology, human biology, ecology and public administration. The study resulted in a general plan for an area accommodating 40,000 people, with a detailed design for a portion of the area accommodating about 12,000 people.
In 1972, Consultant Architect for the University of Tasmania, and Nanyang University, Singapore.

From 1973, worked in partnership with R.J. Ferguson on the site plan and first buildings for Murdoch University.
In 1975 completed a report for the Minister of Town Planning, the City of Perth and the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority on the Design of Central Perth.
Surveyed and recorded in an illustrated report the historic buildings of the Shire of Swan.

Joondalup - City Plan Prepared a plan for Joondalup Reqional Centre for the Minister of Town Planning, the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority, and the Shire of Wanneroo, 1976-1977.
Prepared a plan for the Minister of Town Planning, the MRPA and The Shire of Swan for the Midland Regional Centre, 1977.
Prepared a plan for the Shire of Swan for the Shire Council, 1978.

Lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool, 1932-1936.
Studio Master, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, 1939-1940.
Lever Professor of Civic Design, University of Liverpool, 1948-1953.
Foundation Professor of Town and Regional Planning, University of Toronto, 1955-1960.
Foundation Professor of Architecture, The University of Western Australia, 1960-1972.
Visiting Mellon Professor, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, and
Visiting Professor of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1967.
Member of President's Committee, University of Pennsylvania Survey, 1957.
Member President's Advisory Committee. Faculty of Fine Arts,Yale, 1958-1960.
Member President's Advisory Committee, Faculty of Architecture and City Planning, M.I.T., 1958-1960.
Honorary Research Fellow, School of Architecture, 1980-1997
The University of Western Australia

(With Flora C. Stephenson) Community Centres, 1941.
(With F.R.S. Yorke) Planning for Reconstruction, 1944. Editor, Town Planning Review, 1948-1953.
(With J.A. Hepburn) Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Perth and Fremantle, 1955).
A Redevelopment Study of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1957. (With G.G. Muirhead) A Planninq Study of Kingston, Ontario, 1959. Report on Town Planning for Wellington city, 1964.
(With G.J. Harrison) Site Planninq Reoort, University of Adelaide at Bedford Park, (now Flinders University) 1964 .
(With G.J. Harrison) Report on the Redevelopment of the North Terrace Site, the University of Adelaide, 1964. (With R.J. Ferguson) Physical Planning Report, Murdoch University, 1973.
The Design of Central Perth, 1975.
(With R.J. Ferguson) Survey of Historic Buildings in the Shire of Swan, 1975.
Joondalup Regional Centre, 1977.
Midland Regional Centre, 1977.
Plan for the Shire of Swan, 1978.
Planning for the University of Western Australia: 1914-70, 1986.
Papers and articles in professional and technical journals in Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Netherlands, U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand and Australia November, 1988.
On a Human Scale - A Life in City Design, Fremantle Arts Press, 1992. Reviewed in MIT - PLAN 44
Compassionate Town Planning, Liverpool University Press, 1995.

In Memoriam

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